Celtic Clan Experience at Celtic Harmony

4th March - 7th October 2017


Whether you help with a uniformed group, like Scouts or the Cadets, or with a Holiday Club, you can step back into Prehistory with a Celtic Clan Experience day. Enjoy a day of hands-on activities immersed in the sights and sounds of Ancient Britain. Experience the thrill of Archery, War Paint your tribe, develop you battle skills with Warrior Training, and lots more. 

Overnight option for those wanting to sleepover as Celts!

Celtic Clan Experience days are available on Weekends and during Holidays, to book a day get in touch via our website or on 01438 718543.

Pre bookings only! Organise your group day out in Ancient Britain online at www.celticharmony.org/events.


Weekends & Holidays


Celtic Clan Experience days are tailor made to suit you so just get in touch and we'll be able to give you a quote. 


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