Meadowhall Spy School at Meadowhall

20th - 26th February 2017


Do your little ones have what it takes to be a Meadowhall Secret Agent? Let them go undercover this half-term (20th–26th February) and join our Spy School. They’ll have the chance to put on a disguise and choose a new identity before solving the clues around the Centre on the Super Clue Trail. Once the mission is completed, they will receive a special Spy School certificate from Mission Control.

How it works:

·     # After booking their place below, children arrive at the Spy HQ reception desk (at the Bottom of the escalators near Boots) to commence recruitment procedure.

·      # Children are allocated a spy name.

·      # Before heading out on the trail for clues, Secret Agents must put on a disguise at Spy HQ.

·      # Children and their parents are escorted on the trail to hunt down the clues to catch the enemy.

·      # Once the enemy has been identified, it’s time to learn about fingerprinting in the craft area back at Spy HQ.

·      # All graduates from Spy School receive a certificate and a spy suprise!







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