Full Power - Easter at Museum of Science and Industry

1st - 17th April 2017


Full power at the Museum of Science and Industry this Easter

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·         Experience the amazing power of steam, water and electricity at the Museum of Science and Industry this Easter

·         Activities run from April 1st to April 17th

·         Admission to the museum is free, there may be a small charge for some activities


The Museum of Science and Industry is getting ready to power up for Easter. Whether it’s the power of water, steam or electricity – experience the sights, thundering sounds and astonishing power of the museum’s machines, muscles and contraptions as they burst into life through a series of hands-on demonstrations, workshops and shows for everyone.

Visitors will have the chance to try their hand at crane construction. Can you work under pressure? Build a simple lifting machine to take home that works on air pressure and raise the bar – how much can your machine lift?

Find out more about how wind turbines generate electricity for us to use, and build your own mini turbine with thewind turbine workshop

In Engineer Eric’s Difficult Day, visitors will learn how a steam engine works in this interactive show right in the heart of the pulsating Power Hall. It’s lots of fun and a little bit loud. Forgetful Fireman Fred is learning how to get Pender the steam locomotive up and running, but when Engineer Eric leaves him to his own devices, Fred’s going to need to call on the help of his friends.

Then you can watch as we fire up the machines which have powered Manchester for the last 300 years; experience the sounds and smells of water, steam, gas and diesel engines.  This powerful demonstration introduces the ideas and innovations that sparked a world-wide revolution.

What’s a flying shuttle? Where’s the Devil-Hole? And who’s a scavenger? Learn about the shift from manpower to machine power and how the textile industry built Manchester into the cotton capital of the world. This thunderous demonstration of historic mill machinery spins, bobs and weaves cotton into cloth.

The lively Revolution Manchester show tells the story of how science and industry came together in Manchester, shaping our lives today. With explosions, flying and even dancing, the museum Explainers will show you how — but they’re going to need your help. Are you ready?

Museum of Science and Industry

April 1st – 17th, 2017

Free admission, charges may apply to some activities.



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