Creative kids are just going to love this! Win a Laurence King journal!

Laurence King have once again teamed up with the creatives at Studio Rarekind, to produce some very cool and unique journals, which we we'll be releasing in March 2017. Ryo Sanada and Suridh Hassan of SRK - a creative studio based in London and Jakarta - have worked with Polydor Records, the BBC, Channel4, Film4 and MTV, amongst others. Here, the team bring their eye for fresh and exciting illustration to the collectable journals.

What to do with the kids has 4 of these stunning journals to give away!

Stickerbomb Journal: Creatures and Galaxy each have customisable covers, each with a theme specially designed by a different artist.

Take a trip through the moonscape covers of the Galaxy journal, with Haniboi’s illustrations of spaceships, astronauts and aliens or get lost stickering the Creatures journal’s forest cover with the peculiar imaginings of artist Iloobia. Each journal has 128 blank pages, plus a back pocket full of over 100 stickers. 


Sticker Space and Aliens is a new pack in SRK's highly collectable range of premium-quality, large vinyl stickers from three cutting-edge illustrators. Andrew Kolb is a Canadian illustrator/designer whose work has appeared in numerous publications; Ghica Popa is known for his distinctive space robots and lunar vehicles, and has collaborated with Pepsi, Nike and Yahoo; Sam Taylor is a London-based illustrator who has worked with Converse, the BBC and Nickelodeon. They're scratch and splash proof, perfect for decorating walls, skateboards and lunchboxes!


Sorry, this competition closed on Sunday 30th April 2017



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