Win a Family ticket to: Star Trek Blackpool

Space-Enthused Visitors Can Be ‘Beamed Up’ In Blackpool

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Following International Astronomy Day (April 29), Space Day (May 5) and the thrill of the Cassini spacecraft diving around Saturn, Blackpool visitor attraction, Star Trek: The Exhibition, is expecting to ‘beam up’ loads of space-loving visitors this May, as they excitedly head to the striking Transporter and use the special Star Trek Transporter app!


The Transporter – and the chance to be beamed up via smartphone - is one of the most popular features in an amazing collection of Star Trek memorabilia, with another being the USS Enterprise’s ‘Bridge’.  Cameras are continually clicking here, with no photo restrictions in this Blackpool Promenade attraction which features over 100 original props, costumes, photos and set pieces from Star Trek TV series and movies.


Learning about the Star Trek backstory is something that thrills all visitors – not just those fascinated by both space and sci-fi, or the legions of Trekkers who head to the Golden Mile to visit.


Recently, many of these have been keen to see the ‘Tricorder’ – a Star Trek invention and medical scanning device, now being developed for real, to diagnose many different illnesses and diseases.


With so many props like this to see, which have now become the gadgets of today, everyone leaves Star Trek: The Exhibition with more knowledge, whether that’s realising Star Trek was created before man even stepped foot on the moon, or that The Original Series actress, Lieutenant Uhura, played an enormous role in the African-American civil rights movement.

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Head to to buy tickets costing £12.50 for an adult, £9 for a child (11-15 years) and £38 for a family (2 adults + two children or 3 adults + 1 child). On-the-door tickets cost £14.50, £11 and £43 respectively.  Concessions are also available. 


Star Trek: The Exhibition is a permanent exhibition.  Tickets are available for purchase online for dates up to November 5 2017.

Sorry, this competition closed on Friday 30th June 2017


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