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  1. Florence Nightingale Museum View 4 more similar events
    Event Date
    Mud & Mortar: A WW1 Nurse’s Story 24th - 25th October 2018
    Make Your Own Pop-Up Germs!New event 25th - 26th October 2018
    Meet Mary Seacole 27th - 28th October 2018
    Meet Florence Nightingale 24th - 25th October 2018
  2. Brighton Marina View 1 more similar event
    Event Date
    Brighton Marina Christmas Grotto 20th - 24th December 2018
  3. Royal Armouries Fort Nelson View 2 more similar events
    Event Date
    Creepy crafts 22nd - 26th October 2018
    Victorian Christmas 20th December 2018 - 4th January 2019
  4. Royal Armouries Museum Leeds View 4 more similar events
    Event Date
    World Wars week 27th October - 4th November 2018
    From factory to frontline 10th - 11th November 2018
    Legends: Boudicca 24th - 25th November 2018
    Legends: King Arthur 29th - 31st December 2018
  5. Manor Walks Shopping and Leisure
  6. Milestones Museum
  7. RSPB Scotland Loch Lomond
  8. RSPB Pulborough Brooks nature reserve View 2 more similar events
    Event Date
    Mousehunt! 23rd October 2018
    Pondemonium 24th October 2018
  9. Bocketts Farm Park
  10. Forty Hall Estate
  11. WWT London Wetland Centre
  12. Borde Hill Garden
  13. LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester View 1 more similar event
    Event Date
    Lego Racers Build and Test 6th October 2018 - 6th January 2019
  14. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Brompton Library
  15. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library
  16. Storytime with Anna-Christina at North Kensington Library
  17. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Camden Town Library
  18. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Kentish Town Library
  19. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Swiss Cottage Library
  20. Storytime with Anna-Christina at Victoria Children's Library
  21. Norwich Puppet Theatre View 8 more similar events
    Event Date
    Snow White, Rose Red, Bear Brown 20th October 2018
    Family Combination: Woodland Tales 20th October 2018
    MonsterMation 22nd - 23rd October 2018
    Children's Workshop: Creepy Crawlies 24th October 2018
    Children's Workshop: Magical Folk 25th October 2018
    The Man Who Planted Trees 25th October 2018
    Children's Workshop: Halloween Characters 26th October 2018
    Stories on a String 27th October 2018
  22. The Foundling Museum View 5 more similar events
    Event Date
    Jewellery of Distinction 25th October 2018
    Spelling Out Injustice 26th October 2018
    Bach to Baby 15th November 2018
    Rags to Riches 1st December 2018
    Christmas Elf Ears 16th December 2018
  23. British Motor Museum
  24. The Canterbury Tales Visitor Attraction
  25. Chickenshed Theatre

    7th September - 19th October 2018

    View 3 more similar events
    Event Date
    Tales from the Shed 7th September - 27th October 2018
    A Christmas Carol 21st November 2018 - 5th January 2019
    Play in a Day 22nd - 24th October 2018
  26. RHS Garden Wisley View 10 more similar events
    Event Date
    Woodland display in the Glasshouse 20th October - 11th November 2018
    ‘Room on the Broom’ Half Term Family Fun 20th - 28th October 2018
    Conifer Society Autumn Show 21st October 2018
    Late Fruit and Veg Comp 2nd - 4th November 2018
    Christmas Craft Fair 21st - 25th November 2018
    Stories and songs with Santa 28th November - 23rd December 2018
    Christmas Shopping at Wisley 1st November 2018 - 2nd January 2019
    Christmas in the Glasshouse 1st December 2018 - 2nd January 2019
    Christmas Glow 1st December 2018 - 2nd January 2019
    Winter Walk 1st November 2018 - 28th February 2019
  27. West End Centre, Aldershot View 7 more similar events
    Event Date
    Half Term Art Day (ages 8+) 22nd October 2018
    Draw Your Own Jigsaw (ages 3+) 23rd October 2018
    Autumn Sun Catchers (ages 3+) 23rd October 2018
    Scary Halloween Masks 24th October 2018
    Autumn Wreaths (ages 3+) 24th October 2018
    Family Pottery (ages 3+) 25th October 2018
    Half Term Pottery (ages 8+) 25th October 2018
  28. The Original London Sightseeing Tour View 1 more similar event
    Event Date
    Lunch at Plant Hollywood 7th August - 31st December 2018
  29. Museum of London Docklands
  30. The Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth View 1 more similar event
    Event Date
    Halloween at The Swiss Garden 27th October 2018

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