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  1. WWT London Wetland Centre
  2. Woodhorn Museum View 1 more similar event
    Event Date
    The Mini Museum Activity Trollies 5th February - 30th September 2020
  3. The Deep View 2 more similar events
    Event Date
    Little Nippers (Tuesday mornings – term time only) 7th January - 15th December 2020
    Tranquil Tuesdays (Term Time Only) 7th January - 15th December 2020
  4. Spotlites @ Kings Theatre View 3 more similar events
    Event Date
    Children's Theatre 7 - 11 years Chatham 12th - 18th June 3017
    Spotlites Youth Theatre 12th - 25th June 3017
    Theatre Zone 18-25 yrs Medway 17th June 2019 - 5th March 3021
  5. Brooklands Museum View 8 more similar events
    Event Date
    Military Vehicles Day 15th November 2020
    Emergency Services Day 20th September 2020
    The Brooklands Motorcycle Show 5th July 2020
    Supercar Day 19th July 2020
    Brooklands RetroJumble & Classic Car Show 26th July 2020
    Brooklands Relived 9th August 2020
    London Bus Museum TransportFest 18th October 2020
    Autumn Motorsport Day 11th October 2020

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