5 Exciting Things to Do with Your Kids at Oakwood Theme Park


Looking for fun things to do with the whole family this summer? Look no further than Oakwood Theme Park: home to a variety of exciting attractions, including rollercoasters, water rides, indoor attractions, and the magical world of Neverland.

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To show you just how much fun you and your little ones can have here, we’ve scoured the park and found you five things that your kids will really enjoy at Oakwood Theme Park.


Explore Neverland


“How do we get to Neverland?” By visiting Oakwood, of course!


The newly-opened Neverland is set in the fictional world created by J. M. Barrie and is designed so your little ones can experience their fairy-tale dreams come true. It features 10 rides and attractions that mirror the namesake island – everything from Hook’s House of Havoc and the Skull Rock log flume, to the Crocodile Coaster and Tink’s Flying School swing carousel – so we can assure you that your little Lost Boys (and Girls) will be fully immersed in the fantasy in no time... See what we did there?


Experience Spooky in 3D


Not for the faint-hearted – we dare only the bravest to take on our haunted house!


While Neverland would be your child’s sweetest dream, this ride is more of a ghoulish adventure. Still think they’re up for it? Then climb aboard a cart, put on a pair of 3D glasses, hold on tight, and let us take you on a creepy ride! Watch out for the ghosts, creepy crawlies, and other scary spirits along the way!


Glide through the Treetops Canopy


Travel through the magical woodlands surrounding the park, but not in the way you’d expect – the Treetops ride, despites sounding so tranquil and serene, is actually one of Oakwood’s most popular coasters, entertaining generations of thrillseekers for nearly 30 years! As the name suggests, it’s set high up in the treetops, so you’ll twist, bend, and drop through the tree canopy, and get a good glimpse of the beautiful park in between the foliage.


Your little ones need to be over 1m tall to ride this coaster, so to avoid disappointments, we’d advise you to consult the height chart before jumping into the queue!


Take the Plunge at Moon Landing


Do we have some Neil Armstrong-to-bes in the park? While you might not need an oxygen tank, this almost vertical drop slide does require the courage of an astronaut. If you think your baby Buzz Lightyear is brave enough for the space jump, then they can walk up the steps, grab a sack, approach the edge of the spacecraft, and prepare for the plunge to the bottom.


Cruise on the Boating Lake


Had enough of the adrenaline rush? Wrap up your perfect day out with a slow, relaxing cruise on one of our pedal boats along the lake surrounding the park. You’ll get the chance to see parts of the park from perspectives you never have, which, by the way, make for the perfect Instagram opportunities – so make sure you have your phone ready!


Our pedal boats can fit up to five people, so the whole family can hop along for the cruise. A word of warning though, there will be a fight for front-row seats and who has to paddle.

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Fun for the Whole Family


Are you ready to venture into the world of fun and fantasy with your little ones? Oakwood Theme Park is located in the heart of South Wales in Pembrokeshire, which is easily accessible by car. There’s free on-site parking close to the main entrance, as well as luggage facilities and dog kennels.


The park’s opening times vary, so be sure to check the website beforehand to plan your visit ahead and finally, don’t forget to make the most of the park’s online ticket discounts!


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