5 Extreme Sports Your Kids Will Love


Roller coasters, the (often stomach wrenching) view from ridiculously tall buildings, and playing fast- paced computer games which produce an adrenaline overload: there’s something about this type of thrill that excites kids and teenagers, so why not exploit it by introducing them to the world of extreme sports?

This is a great way to satisfy their biological craving for risk in a controlled environment, as well as promoting physical exercise and movement which they will thank you for in later life.

Organised Extreme Sports

The word ‘extreme’ screams danger, and it would be wrong to claim that extreme sport carries no risk, but by being aware of the standard safety tips, and arranging for your children to enjoy events organised by qualified and responsible people who prioritise safety and pre-activity training, you can be assured they are a whole lot safer than if they simply  tried these things without supervision. Here are five extreme sports which your kids are bound to really enjoy doing.


Some people really enjoy strapping themselves into a giant kite and jumping off a cliff. Somehow they manage to do that looking graceful and relaxed: so if your kids have a craving to fly like a bird, (and many do), why not send them off on a paragliding adventure experience? (Fastened securely to an experienced pilot of course!)

Mountain Boarding

Forget snowboarding, mountain boarding only needs a slope, grass, (or a bare track), and a special board that will send your kids hurtling downhill faster than you can blink. They seem to love it, and the usual training and supervision standards are met and exceeded at the purpose-built centres which offer this activity.


Another activity that needs a slope, albeit more gentle. This involves being strapped to the inside of a giant ball and being rolled round rather like a pet hamster. Probably not for kids who get dizzy easily, but great for adventure and thrill seekers.

White Water Rafting

Fake rapids, 3 meter drops, slaloms, team building and exercise plus lots and lots of water. This is an exhilarating, challenging and very exciting extreme sport.

Britain is home to some of the best stretches of white water in the world, and our world class white water centres are tailor-made to give you some of the most authentic experiences around! The state-of-the-art facilities have runs to test rafters of all abilities.

Aggressive Inline Skating

This extreme sport involves wearing inline skates specially designed to allow spins. It is one for the older kids, as solid experience of skating or skateboarding is necessary to make this work. Steer inexperienced teens towards regular inline skating or skateboarding at the local government parks. Good quality equipment is available to buy online from small, family-run stores such as Skates.co.uk.

If you feel exhausted just reading through this information fear not, as the supporting parent you just need to drive them around and cheer them on from a distance!


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