Adding The Personal Touch With Dom & Geri

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Everybody loves a special occasion, from the kids right up to the grandparents, we don’t need much excuse to throw a party and shower our loved ones with gifts. That’s why you need Dom & Geri in your lives, and if you didn’t know about them before, they will very soon become indispensable.

Dom & Geri know how to celebrate an occasion, and increasingly these occasions are becoming bigger and bigger as each year passes. But a token card or gift is one thing, a personalised gesture that you have poured your heart and soul into is quite another.

Interactive fun for the kids

The service that Dom & Geri provide is a great tool for uniting the family around a special occasion. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, a Good Luck card, a Get Well Soon card or to celebrate a new baby, every occasion merits a personal gesture, and Dom & Geri offer a unique interactive service where everybody can get involved in choosing from an endless online range of appropriate themes, designs and images.

With personalised cards, wrapping paper, banners and gifts, Dom & Geri can offer you the whole package, and you and the kids can have hours of fun selecting your own photos, messages and artwork to ensure your loved one truly gets the gift they deserve, and with your love and affection printed all over it.

Dom & Geri’s interactive website gives you free reign to design your cards, banners, wrapping paper or gifts from a huge range of templates spanning from the slushy and sentimental to the modern, sleek and light-hearted. It couldn’t be easier for you to browse the site, choose an appropriate template to your tastes, add your photos and write your message, and with a same-day dispatch service if you order before 2pm, you will very soon see the fruits of your labours up close and personal.

Personalised Valentine’s, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts

At this time of year, we might just have recovered from Christmas, but there is no let-up in the special occasions, and there is every excuse to get the kids involved. So gather everyone round a laptop and design yourselves the complete gift package for your loved one.

Whether it is for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Dom & Geri allow you to design the perfect package, just the way you like it, giving you complete control at affordable prices. It has never been easier to add the personal touch that means so much, and certainly, the act of giving has never been so much fun, so visit Dom & today and you’ll soon wonder how you managed without them. 



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