As this years Henley Festival approches we asked Charlotte Geeve’s the festival's CEO a few questions about taking children to the festival.


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  1. Going to a festival with children in tow can be daunting! Do you have any tips on what to bring, so that we can be comfortable and get the most out of the experience? – a variety of clothing to cope with the British summer
  2. Is the food available suitable for young or fussy eaters? – there’s lots of food across the site which is suitable for young and fussy eaters but if you’re worried then bring your own food.
  3. What do you recommend as a top ‘not to be missed’ experience at the Family Festival? – Bruce Almighty on the Floating stage, baby loves disco for the younger ones and the pub quiz for kids.
  4. Is the site buggy accessible? – yes 
  5. Where did your own love of the arts come from? – I loved plays from a young age and going to the theatre. I also had two amazing drama teachers at secondary school and my love of theatre grew into a passion then.
  6. Since becoming a mother, do you see the arts differently at all? – No. I’ve always seen the arts as hugely important no matter what age the audience is.
  7. How have you introduced your own child to the arts? – yes a little. He’s 3 ½ and so he’s been to see a couple of shows for little children which he’s enjoyed a lot.
  8. It’s great that you support The Children’s Society. This year, will young carers again be invited to come along to the Family Festival? – yes they will. It’s hugely important for us to offer this opportunity to all of the young carers we work with and their families as respite from their day to day lives.



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Family Sunday tickets for Henley Festival start from just £5 for under 16's and under 3's enter free. To find out more about this very famity friendly festival and to book tickets visit



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