Bonfire Night - Fire Safety - London Fire Brigade Open Days.

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Bonfire Night – Saturday 5th November 2016

Fun-filled fire safety activities for little ones




It’s almost time to head out in hats and gloves once again for Bonfire Night, and little ones will no doubt be looking forward to fireworks and sparklers galore. With lots of exciting things to see and hear around them, it’s important that children know what to do should things not go to plan. 


In honour of their 150th year, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) have teamed up with much-loved toy brand PLAYMOBIL to teach young children about fire safety through play. Free station open days are being held until December 2016, with limited-edition LFB versions of the PLAYMOBIL fire engine and a catchy sing-a-long fire safety video available to watch and play along at home.


Here are their top tips and fun activities to help teach children all there is to know when it comes to fire safety on Bonfire Night.


1.       Do your children  know who to call in an emergency?


LFB have recruited a specialist crew of PLAYMOBIL firefighters to ensure children know who to call when they are in danger with a fun sing-a-long fire safety video, available here. Why not settle down to watch it with your little ones before you head out and play along with our special quiz?

1. What is the second emergency our PLAYMOBIL firefighters are called to?

2. What do the firefighters use to put out the fire at the outdoor campfire?

3. What catches fire at the PLAYMOBIL castle?

4. What is the name of the colourful clown last to be rescued by the Brigade from the road accident?


2.       Safe supervision


Keep fireworks in a closed box away from children, and always follow the instructions carefully when using them. Children love sparklers but take care, and never give them to a child under five. Even when they have gone out they are still hot so put sparklers in a bucket of water after use. Ensure you don’t leave a bonfire unattended, supervising it until it has burnt out. If it has to be left, damp it down with plenty of water


3.       In case of emergency …

Teach your children how to put out clothing that’s on fire– stop, drop and roll. Make them aware of the locations of emergency exits if you’re at an organised display and notify a member of staff if you notice that a fire exit is blocked, or fire doors have been wedged open. When calling the Fire and Rescue Service, they should know the exact location to be able to relay this to the operator.


4.       Can you spot the fire hazards?


It’s important to teach your children how to spot hazards just as well as you do. Get them started with this interactive game:



5.       Play firefighter at home


What better way for children to learn what firefighters do than to give it a go for themselves. Limited-edition LFB versions of PLAYMOBIL’s fire toys have been created for little ones to learn through play at home. 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Brigade’s charities of choice, with toys available to purchase at the LFB open days, online at Kerrison Toys and from PLAYMOBIL customer services.



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