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Since having kids we usually go to France on our annual summer holiday. We have been on a few holidays with Canvas Holidays and really enjoyed them they keep the kids busy and it's great for them to mix with the other children. (BTW What to do with the kids has a great discount for booking with them!)


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This year after much though and much searching  we I decided to book our 2017 summer family holiday with Holiday they seemed to give great value and I searched through a lot of reviews and couldn’t find anything that put me off. If you fancy taking a look yourself their site is They cover a wide range of destinations and seem to give very good value on these. I spoke to two advisers over the phone and both Kim and Mandy were very helpful. You send a request via their website  then they call you back and confirm the booking over the phone, adding all the luggage and extras you need.


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They cover a lot of places a family would look to go on holiday including:

Balerics, Bulgaria, Canaries, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypy, Florida, Greece, Malta, Mexico, Marocco, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey.

As well as destinations such as Oman, Goa, Indian Ocean, Caribbean and Cape Verde.

We set our budget of around £2,000 for 2 weeks and set to looking thought various websites. I really wanted to go some were I had never been so on our price range it came down to Greece. In the end we decided on Corfu, our main criteria was sun, beach, swimming pool and an apartment. The latter is possibly why we ended up with this particular company. If you don’t want to go to bed at the same time as your kids your going to need more than one room and although the idea of half board or all inclusive is attractive….I really didn’t fancy going to bed at the same time as the kids every night.

Again I researched family destinations on Corfu and we went for Acharavi we are hoping that there will be plenty to do, yet not too noisy. I can’t bare loud music all night!

They where some nice looking arrestment’s to choose from including: Corifo Village, Summer Breeze in Kavos, Elisabeth Apartments in Acharavi, Sofia Apartments in Boukari to mention a few.

We will let you know how we got on in a later post! Happy Summer Holiday planning! 

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(We do not indorse any of these apartments or Holiday Gems , please research fully.)





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