Camping Gift Ideas for 2018


Camping is one of many people’s favourite activities.  They love waking up in the cool air of the morning and take their first big breath.  It always gives them a jolt of energy, without having to make and drink any coffee, as delicious as it is in the morning. 

We have decided to list the best camping gifts for the holiday shopping season.  So, without further ado, here are the best camping gift Ideas for the upcoming christmas. Make sure you include some of them on your Christmas list!

The Summit Folding Kettle

Speaking of coffee in the morning, this folding kettle is both practical and stylish.  OK, it’s just practical.  This fantastic little camp accessory has a metal base and a collapsible upper section. You can heat up on your camp stove (only) and then have a cuppa to start off the day.  Boiling water is no problem because of the metal base. When you’re finished, you simply collapse it down and stow it in your pack.

A Mummy Sleeping bag

The great thing about a mummy-style sleeping bag is that it is more efficient at keeping you warm.  Additionally, it packs smaller because there is less material used, rather than a rectangular bag.  The thing to remember is to get a right-side zipper if you are left-handed (and vice versa).  Otherwise, it feels awkward zipping and unzipping.

If it’s too hot down by the feet, just unzip the foot section to let some cool air in, or even hang a foot out. This works because there are always two zipper pulls on each bag. Obviously, some glampers may want to stick to a sleeping bag that could easily turn into the traditional duvet shape. Planet Camping, among other sites, has a range of good Camping Gift Ideas for Xmas, and so it would be wise to browse all different sleeping bag styles before deciding on the typical mummy sleeping bag.

A Sleeping Bag Suit

We mention these because sometimes it’s more comfortable to sleep in a sleeping bag suit, like the SelkBag.  Sleeping bag suits are a relatively new invention, but they are super comfortable. You don’t even have to get out of the bag in the cold of the morning.  Even better, you can pull your arms in from the sleeves and it as a sort of fluffy pillow. The thing even has removable feet, so you can put your boots and go.  Campers love these!

The Tipi Style Tent

Everyone knows about dome tents, with their strength, or the A-frame, with the steep slopes, but not everyone has heard of a tipi tent. They are great in the rain because of the point at the top and steep sides.  The water just glides right away.  Unlike most dome tents, the tipi tent has plenty of headspace. It also has especially good ventilation, which can be easily adjusted.  They are especially popular on glamping campsites and at festivals, as they can be surprisingly luxurious when fully decked out with all mod-cons. Either way, make sure to research some different tent styles before you go camping, to ensure you’ve got the right one for your trip.

All of these suggestions are fun and practical. They all would be great to have the next time you go to a festival or camping.  Imagine waking up in your sleeping bag suit, putting your boots on, and then heating up a spot of tea on your new camping stove.


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