Christmas gifts and celebrations during this season

With the festive season fast approaching, you’ll be keen to get your Christmas shopping finished and the celebrations underway. Whether you’re braving the crowds or snapping up bargains online, we’ve got the ultimate Christmas gift guide for kids in 2019. What’s more, we’ve got a range of fun and festive celebration ideas to keep you entertained too.


Christmas gifts for kids

Choosing gifts for kids can be one of the most exciting parts of the build-up to Christmas. Whether you’re helping Father Christmas make his selection, giving the elves a head start or buying gifts for younger family members, we’ve made it easy to find the perfect presents.

Micro Scooters

Bikes, scooters and trikes are always popular Christmas gifts and, this year, micro scooters are the latest trend. Suitable for a wide variety of ages, you’ll find kids as young as 3 or 4 zipping around at the local park and teens using them to get from A to B.

Available in a range of colours and themes, you can adapt your choice to suit the recipient. Want a princess themed micro scooter in hot pink? No problem. Prefer a sleek and stylish option in carbon graphite? You got it.

With endless designs, patterns and colours to choose from, everyone is covered with this versatile gift. If you want to make things even more special, you can customise your gift and opt for a personalised micro scooter. Add the recipient’s name, a personal message or even a funny joke and you’ve got the perfect bespoke gift for kids this Christmas.

Lego Kit

Lego has always been popular with youngsters but it’s a trend that never slows down. With themed kits widely available, you can find the perfect Lego kit for every child. From Disney themed castles, Harry Potter landscapes and Star Wars spaceships, there really is something for everyone.

As well as giving kids something to do as soon as they open their presents on Christmas morning, Lego will keep them entertained for weeks to come. The varying difficulty levels mean you can opt for a kit that takes minutes, weeks or even months to complete. Of course, once it’s finished, you can take it apart and start all over again!

With a variety of options available, Lego is the perfect gift for all budgets. You can go all out on a large, complex construction or grab some budget-friendly stocking fillers; the choice is yours. As many of the kits are available with added extras, you can even spread the cost between family members and get together for a Lego-themed Christmas.

Personalised Christmas gifts are always a hit, especially with kids, and now you can create your very own Lego minifigure. Whether you opt for a minifigure to accompany a kit or a novelty minifig keyring, kids will love the personalisation and enjoy seeing themselves as Lego figurines!

Today’s Lego kits are designed to create stunning masterpieces, as well as functional toys, so the end product is totally down to you. With user-friendly age recommendations on every box, it’s easy to find the perfect Lego gift for youngsters.

Personalised Books

Books are a classic Christmas gift and they’re something that should be on every Christmas list. Personalising your choices gives kids an extra incentive to get stuck into the story and makes sharing a bedtime story even more special.

If you’re looking for a savvy way to get your chores done before the big day, look out for a personalised Christmas Eve book, like this one from Not on the High Street. Perfect as an early Christmas present, they will help to get you in the festive spirit and encourage younger kids to settle down when they’re wide awake waiting for Father Christmas to arrive.

Top Personalised Christmas Gifts in 2019

With kids so eager to receive gifts, you’ll want to ensure you include some customised presents in their stockings this year. Fortunately, there’s a great range of personalised Christmas gifts available this year, so it’s easy to find the perfect unique gift for everyone.

Toddlers love personalised wooden train sets, where each carriage carries a letter of their name. As well as being a fun and interactive toy, this unique method of personalisation can help them to learn letters and spellings too.

For slightly older children, a personalised room sign or mock street sign gives them a sense of independence and authority. When you want to secure ‘cool points’, a personalised room sign is the way to go – especially if you add ‘keep out’!

If you plan to celebrate Christmas as a family this year, personalised games are a great option. They’ll give you hours of enjoyment and keep you all entertained as you appear as moveable pieces, on cards and as features in the game.

Celebrating Christmas in 2019

As well as finding the perfect gifts for kids this year, you’ll want to plan the ultimate Christmas celebrations too. With so much to see and do, the entire festive season can be extended into one long celebration.

If you’re looking for major attractions, there are plenty on offer. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is always a great choice, whilst Haddon Hall in Derbyshire hosts magical Christmas themed events every year. Alternatively, Christmas Tree Wonderland in Bournemouth,

Lapland UK in Ascot and Ice Village in Manchester all make for great days out.

With interactive elements, festive shows and extra-special treats, any of these major attractions will deliver the perfect festive treat for the entire family.

Of course, you don’t need to visit a major attraction to get into the festive spirit this year. As well as local events, such as carol concerts and the switching on of the Christmas lights, you can enjoy your own mini celebrations at home too.

Baking Christmas cookies, making festive decorations and organising a Christmas movie night are great ways to celebrate and can be adapted to suit all ages. Whether you’re entertaining teens, tweens or tots, the perfect Christmas celebration is one that’s personalised just for you.


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