Countdown to Lumiere Durham UK’s Largest Light Festival | 16 -19 November 2017

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Now only one week away from Lumiere Durham, the UK's largest light festival. Produced by arts charity, Artichoke and commissioned by Durham County Council, Lumiere will light up the iconic landmarks, buildings and public spaces of Durham from 16 - 19 November 2017.
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Returning for its fifth edition, Lumiere will once again bring artists from around the world to create awe-inspiring light installations which will spark the imagination of all those who attend. Exploring the dazzling night-time spectacle on foot, visitors will experience an extraordinary display of technology, public sculpture, videography, electrical engineering, and social project.
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As well as installations inside the main peninsula, which will once again be ticketed between 4:30pm and 7:30pm, there is a huge array of works which can be viewed and enjoyed without a ticket.
Highlight installations located outside the ticketed area include:
  • What Matters created by Shuster & Moseley (UK) consists of two immersive light and glass installations at St Oswald’s Church and Courtyard. Inside the church, thousands of hand-blown glass pieces depict the birth of light in the universe. In the churchyard, glass bubbles hover in galaxies, suspended in space amongst the trees.
  • Cosmic Architecture is a video and sound piece that salutes the extraordinary achievement of architect Daniel Libeskind’s building for the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, celebrating the marriage of revolutionary architecture with the beauty of the theoretical models and computer simulations of the Universe that are developed within the building.
  • Fire Tornado createdby artist Ivo Schoofs is inspired by the sight of a tornado raging through a forest fire, spectacularly elevating the blaze to new heights. The installation replicates this effect and banishes the wintry darkness through both heat and light.
  • Heron is a homage to one of our most magnificent English birds, often seen along the banks of Durham's River Wear. Created by Jon Voss the work celebrates the beauty of nature in the heart of the city.
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