Cricket World Cup books score a Six

ICC Cricket World Cup Official Book and Kids’ Handbook

Review by Claire and Charlie (age 10) Paye

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With the ICC Cricket World Cup upon us, this is the perfect time to a. find out more about cricket, b. answer those questions you’ve always had about where silly mid off or the leg gully are or c. check whether Brian Lara has made the most catches.  Answers to a and c are in these excellent handbooks, but you’ll have to Google the answers to b.

The books are an excellent accompaniment to the World Cup.  Charlie fell upon them when he got home.  His considered opinion is that the adult one (the Official Book) is very good for in depth statistics, and is very much for fans of cricket.  Adults should buy it if they ‘want to know everything’.  It is beautifully and colourfully presented and is full of information about, for example, each ground, each team, top bowlers, top bowling partnerships and 10 Magic Moments in the history of the game.  The Official Book has a run down of all the teams' performances in the World Cups so far which, in England's case, makes for fairly dismal reading! 

Charlie felt that the Kids Handbook is good for those who want to know the basics and those just starting out in cricket.  He suggested that you would have to like cricket at least a little bit to enjoy the book.  He felt it was ideal for children who have just started watching cricket.  As a discerning adult, I think it would be brilliant for all young cricket fans and we will certainly take our book along to watch the warm up England Australia match in Southampton (not having been able to get tickets for any of the actual matches due to a nightmarish ticketing website, despite having queued up, started by selecting key matches and ended up selecting matches at the other end of the country.  None.  Nada.  Nil tickets could we get.  But that’s another story). Anyway, the Kids Handbook contains lots of fun pages of activities, quizzes and charts to fill in.  It is probably best suited to primary school age children.  11+ readers would benefit more from The Official Book.

As Charlie is a sports-mad, reluctant reader, we are planning to plough through both books at bedtime as our reading for the next few weeks.  I’m really looking forward to learning more about the different nations competing and cricket through the years. What I couldn't find on my initial read through, was what ICC actually stands for.  To save you looking it up, it's International Cricket Conference.  

Both books are very attractive to look at and will serve as excellent souvenirs of the year England won the ICC Cricket World Cup (hopefully).

The ICC Cricket World Cup Official Book

The ICC Cricket World Cup Kids' Handbook

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