DIY Troll Makeover

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This weekend, children, parents and celebrities including Stephanie Pratt, Amy Childs, Michelle Heaton, Imogen Thomas and Linda Robson visited the launch of the NOW TV Trolls pop-up salon, located under a bridge in Shoreditch.


The event was held to celebrate the movie Trolls and other great family favourites being available on TV streaming service NOW TV. Children and adults (yes, adults!) were pampered in NOW TV’s glamorous salon where they could enjoy the real film magic come to life, all for free! The salon’s stylists offered free candy-coloured makeovers, inspired by three of the films beloved troll characters. Guests could pick from Poppy’s positively pink look, Smidge’s luscious blue locks or Guy Diamond’s glitterific get-up.


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For fans that missed the chance to come down and want to create the totally troll-some look at home, NOW TV has teamed up with award-winning face paint professionals to make a simple, step-by-step Troll tutorial

With the help of the enchanted professional face painter Susie Hillman, the video shows you how to recreate the Poppy look, step-by-step, detail by detail, meaning you can try out your very own trollsformations on Trolls both big and small.



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