Experiencing Paris with the Kids - Ways to Keep Them Entertained and Happy

For any parent who has travelled with kids, you know better than anyone just how different of a vacation experience it can be. Sure, you can still visit those destinations that appeal to you, but the way you travel there, the accommodation you stay in, and even the way you tour the destination changes when you’ve got kids with you.
If you’ve got your sights set on Paris, France, as your next holiday destination with the kids, then there are some steps you can take to help ensure that the trip goes off without a hitch. This will make for a more memorable and enjoyable time for all.
Look for Fast Passes and Early Entry Deals
Because there are so many world-famous sights and attractions in Paris to experience, it’s not unusual to be faced with long line-ups and thick crowds of people. One tip for parents is to look for ways they can get fast passes, early entry deals, and even skip the line tickets.
Take a look at FastPassTours that offers a variety of tour options including tickets to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Its skip-the-line ticket deals make it possible for you to arrive, walk right past the line, and go directly into the Cathedral. When you have small kids with you, this means no time spent in line trying to entertain them and keep them focused. You’ll be able to get right to the sightseeing. This kind of pass can literally shave an hour or more off the time you spend at the attraction.
And it’s not just the Notre Dame Cathedral that FastPassTours offers tickets for, you can also get skip-the-line tickets for the Louvre Museum, walking tours of Paris, day trips, Disneyland Paris, and more.
Give Thought to How You Plan to Tour the City
While walking through the city streets may seem like a great idea for you as an adult, walking around with young kids is going to get tiring pretty quickly. What this means is that you’ll be moving at a snail’s pace and likely be listening to a lot of whining. Instead you may want to look at taking the Metro system, which will take you to all the major sights and places in the city.
Visit Attractions that Will Appeal to the Kids
Sure you want to see as many landmarks as possible while you are in Paris, but keep in mind that these may not always be exciting for kids. You’ll want to be sure you pick attractions that appeal to the whole family, such as The Eiffel Tower for the perfect photo op, the Pompidou Centre which is a building that has been turned inside out, Sacre Coeur with its breath-taking views of the city, and the Natural History Museum filled with awe-inspiring exhibits and displays.
By following these tips you’ll be sure to make the absolute best of your holiday in London, giving the kids memories that will last a lifetime.  

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