Five Memorable Things to Do with the Kids This Summer

While summer is still many months away and not really a tangible thing at this moment, for people with kids planning is often the key to a memorable summer.

As soon as the kids finish school for the summer, the inevitable “I’m bored” starts up, which means it’s time to find something to keep them happy, entertained, and out of trouble.

This is exactly why we’ve put together this list of memorable things to do with the kids this summer. Not only will it keep them happy, but it will also give them all kinds of incredible stories to share with their friends when they return back to school at the end of the summer break.

Explore Your Own Town or City
While people are quick to plan a holiday to an exotic and fun-filled destination, it’s not always necessary to do so in order to create great memories. Your own city or town is typically filled with hidden treasures and attractions that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

Why not make it your goal to go on one adventure per week, every other week, or whatever suits you best. The adventure should be to a spot you’ve never explored before such as a neat restaurant, market, historical attraction, park, etc. You could even set a goal that you want to visit “X” number of spots before the end of summer. The whole family can take part too, with each person suggesting a place to check out.

Acting like a tourist in your own town or city will open your eyes to all kinds of fabulous features.

Plan a Family Road Trip
Of course, one of the most memorable things you can do with the family is planning a holiday, so why not plan a road trip and set your own pace and itinerary. This is a great way to explore the countryside, which will act as an educational adventure of sorts for the kids. To top it all off, a road trip also takes all the stress of air travel out of the equation.

If you plan on making family road trips a regular occurrence it may be worth investing in your own campervan. A campervan acts as your own home on wheels, providing you with plenty of space for storage, sleeping and relaxing when you take to the road. Just be sure you also look into the cost of campervan insurance, which is an easily overlooked expense when you’re first buying the camper. If you’re based in the UK you should be able to find cheaper campervan insurance quotes by using a comparison service like Quotezone.

Take a Class Together
Not every activity has to be big and exciting, sometimes the smaller things can be just as fun and memorable. With that in mind, why not book a class that the whole family can partake in together.

Great examples include things like a cooking class, a photography course, an art-themed course, or something active like dance lessons. When you are learning together it naturally acts as a bonding experience, and it’s something you can continue to do at home together too.

Camp in Your Own Yard
For those who have the space, you have a built-in campsite that is just waiting to be enjoyed by the family. This is a great way to go on a "holiday" without actually having to leave your house and spend a fortune. All the gear you need is a tent, pillows, and comfy blankets. The family can enjoy the stars at night, get that whole camping experience, yet have the luxury of the home just footsteps away.

If you have really young kids, this can act as a fabulous introduction to camping, and they don’t even have to spend the full night out there if you don’t want to.

Head to the Beach
Obviously, not everyone has the luxury of living by the seaside, but often you can find a lake or some body of water within driving distance. Heading to the beach or lake is one of those summer activities that should be part of every childhood.

This can also tie in with one of the other ideas of taking a class. Kids can be enrolled in a swimming class so that they can enjoy the beach that much more, and with less stress on mum and dad.

Summer Is a Time for Making Memories
With its long warm, sunny, and luxurious days, summer is the absolute best time to be making memories with the family and enjoying all the season has to offer.


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