Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day with Your Kids


Mother’s Day is on March 26th this year. If you’ve used the Ladbrokes Mother’s Day gift generator to find the perfect gift, why not take things one step further, and use that special day to spend time with the entire family? If you are looking for creative and fun ways to enjoy that Sunday, here are some ways that you can inject love and laughter into your mum’s day celebrations.


If you have some space in your garden, you can plant some flowers and create a living Mother’s Day canvas. All you will need to do is purchase some seeds for flowers that grow quickly. These should also be flowers that grow well in your area.

Then, get your kids to use sticks to write messages or draw pictures in the dirt. Be sure to cover the seeds up and water them at least three times a week. It will not be long before you have a gift that will continue to grow.

Go on a Holiday

Even if you do not have the money to go on a break or holiday to Paris, or any other location that intrigues you, you can still enjoy a breakfast, brunch or lunch at home that is popular in that destination.

For example, if you and your family enjoy French cuisine, have croissants for your morning meal and have a picnic lunch in the park with cheese, fruit and French bread. Decorate your dining table with a checkered red and white tablecloth and let some French music play throughout the house. You can also teach your children some basic French words like ‘merci’ and ‘bonjour’.

Look for the Humour in Your Everyday Lives

This is the perfect day for your family to begin a tradition for Mother’s Day. One idea is to create a comic strip featuring the individuals in the family.

Get a sheet of paper and draw some squares beside each other, similar to a comic strip in a newspaper. Think of a funny moment or event that happened to the family in the last year, and draw it in the squares. Be sure to include the actual dialogue if you can, and give the comic strip a title.

Save the comic strips and add to them every year. You can then take the completed strips and compile them into a book. The pages can be thread together with yarn.

Musical Hour

Nothing can turn a lazy Sunday afternoon into an exciting day quite like music. Take some of your family’s favourite songs and have a lip synching contest. Each member of the family can choose the songs they like the most, dress up like their favourite singer and hit the stage.

The other family members can vote on each performance and give each performer a number based score. The family member with the highest score from the contest will win.

What would be the best Mother’s Day present? Most mums would agree that plenty of hugs and kisses for the entire family is the best gift they could ask for. Include laughter in the day to cement the experience.



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