Getting Ready for an Extended Trip with the Kids


Traveling with kids can be really fun. We’ve covered many great attractions you can visit with the children, including some great parks and holiday destinations across the UK. Traveling with kids for the first time, however, can still be a bit of a challenge. It’s even more so when you’re planning an extended trip to another city.

Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can follow to make going on an extended trip with the children easier to handle. Here are some of the preparations you need to make for the journey.

Pack Plenty of Entertainment

One of the challenges you will face along the way is keeping the kids entertained. While they will have a lot of things to do at the destination, they may find the journey there – and the waiting time in between activities – boring. It is easy for kids to lose interest, which is why preparing some entertainment for them is a good way to get started.

Fill your iPad with games that kids can play on the road. You can also add cartoons and children’s movies as extras, just in case you need to keep them focused on something while in flight or on the road. There is no shortage of options when it comes to games and movies for kids in the iTunes store.

You can also prepare some physical props that will help kids stay entertained - a board game that you can play at the hotel or their favourite books to read before they go to bed are great items to take with you on an extended trip.

Meds and Vaccinations

The last thing you want on your first trip with the children is to deal with kids getting sick because they picked up a virus or ate some dodgy food. A change in weather and other issues may lead to children catching a cold or falling sick before the trip is over. One way to get around this is to protect them with vaccinations.

Travel vaccinations – how expensive are they? The London Travel Clinic now offers travel vaccinations at an affordable rate. You can also book an appointment online and learn more about the vaccinations needed for your destination from the clinic’s website.

Your Carry-On

Last, but certainly not least, prepare an extra bag; let’s call it the emergency bag. This bag should contain clothes for the next day as well as an extra set of clothes, some pyjamas and toiletries for the kids. You can also pack a couple of bottles of water and snacks for your children; it’s best to stick to the snacks they already love.


That’s it! These simple preparations will get you ready for the upcoming trip with your children. Now that you have these things prepared beforehand, you no longer have to worry about dealing with cranky kids or keeping the children happy and calm during the trip. All you have to do now is get ready for some fun activities.


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