Have a Rubbish Christmas!


Have a Rubbish Christmas!


Norfolk-based crafter Charlotte Dean and her colleague Joanne Robinson want to encourage families to sit down together this Christmas to make their own decorations, but with a twist – these 

decorations are all made out of rubbish!

Take a look at www.rubbishchristmas.co.uk, and you will find a whole host of projects created from things you’d normally throw out, where the tools you need to make them can be found in your own home!

“Christmas is a great time for children to be creative,” says Charlotte. “Children love making things, and parents and grandparents love the things they make. But sometimes making things can cost a lot of money, that’s why we wanted to come up with a cost-effective and fun way for families to be creative together".

Save up your used coffee bags, your empty cans and jars and transform them into stunning decorations that will make your festive displays absolutely magical, with the help of the Rubbish Christmas website.

Everything on the website is entirely free to access and download, and all templates are provided for parents to print out.

So get creative with your little ones, safe in the knowledge that they are not only learning how to make beautiful decorations but are also helping to save the environment while they do it.



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