Hawkin's Bazaar Review - Amazing Storm Trooper Night Light

The lovely lot at Hawkin's Bazaar asked us what we thought of this years Star Wars Storm Trooper Look-a-Lite night light.

 Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 21.43.10

Well the truth is I have never found a decent night light for my son, apart from baby ones and now nearly 6 he still likes a light on, but Star Wars, Transformers and the like are more his thing.

So what did Heath think? "It's amazing and matches my bed". He also said the light it gives off makes ice-cream cones shapes on his wall, but not sure how much of that is true!


Honestly, I think this is well worth the money and looks fab for my boys bedroom, the light is subtle and just perfect to keep on all night. However this would still look great in older kids room alongside other Star Wars paraphnernalia.

It's battery operated, but you can plug it into the mains with a phone charger. It doesn't come with a lead or batteries, but I had a spare charger hanging around so it's plugged in all the time now.

It's a thumbs up from What to do with the kids!

Remember to check out their website www.hawkin.com for loads of great, fun and retro present ideas.









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