How Private Schools Can Give Your Children More Opportunities Outside The Classroom


Before school, after school, weekends, and holidays are all times you need to ensure your children are kept occupied, as well as ensuring you are doing the best you can for them. Many schools offer extracurricular activities, but these can often be few and far between or the most popular ones such as football and dancing are full. Private schools offer many extra activities for your children, many you would never have even thought of.

Benefits Of Extra-Curricular Activities

Activities outside of the classroom help encourage children to be more active and find their passion. Furthermore, if they find something they enjoy doing, they will enjoy going to school more. Getting children to enjoy school can be one of the hardest things about educating them, therefore giving them the opportunity to find the things they enjoy means giving them more freedom to be themselves. Oakleigh House, a private school in Swansea, offers most of their extracurricular activities for free as they believe they are important for an all-round learning experience.

After School Clubs

There are many after school clubs for children to enjoy, it is best to let them pick activities themselves and find what they enjoy doing. They may go through quite a few before they find their passion. Don’t let them give up easily, but remember not to force them to keep doing something they hate either. Children can see something as difficult such as learning guitar and may not want to do it, but after a few lessons they may start enjoying it when they realise they can learn - it is about compromise. Private schools offer clubs that can be extremely beneficial, as well as the usual clubs you’d see at many other schools. Some of these include learning sign language, languages, and more unusual sports such as fencing. Having extra opportunities means showing children things they may never have come across before and they may find a talent or love for something they would have never discovered otherwise!

Summer Holiday Club

If you are working parents, you know how hard it is when summer comes. Summer clubs offer somewhere safe and fun for your children to go whilst you work. Private schools offer many activities per week and even school trips away, offering parents some much needed time to rest and giving children a sense of freedom that they also need.

Extra-curricular activities, clubs, and school trips give children that extra boost in personal as well as education development, without them realising they are learning. Coming out of a school environment can make children more eager to participate and learn without the desks and whiteboards. This also gives parents more time for work and themselves and less time having to worry about how to entertain their children, as ideas can run out! Attending a private school can ensure you child gets the best whilst you can avoid the stress. It’s really a win-win situation.


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