How to Create the Perfect Kid's Bedroom This Summer

A kid’s bedroom should be much more than simply a place to sleep. It should be a fun place where they can play with toys, have décor that lets them explore their personalities, and also be a functional space with plenty of storage. If you have a children’s bedroom that needs a make-over or are looking for practical ideas you can apply to your home, then read this guide on how to create the perfect kid’s bedroom this summer!


Kid’s bedroom furniture is likely to be well used, so go for sturdy drawers, beds, and wardrobes. A bed that has storage underneath is a great place to store toys, or to make the most of a small space, a cabin style bed allows a child to sleep on top while leaving room underneath for a space to play, or a desk to use as a child gets older.


Whether you go for carpets or hard flooring, the main feature it needs to have is to be easy to clean and durable. Carpets are great for that soft feel underfoot and can make a bedroom feel cosy, but that can also be achieved with quality wood flooring and rugs. Wooden flooring, or laminate, such as from, is a good choice for children’s bedrooms, as it is easy to clean up spillages by mopping and wiping, rather than having to scrub carpets.


Allow a child to choose the colour scheme and some cool items to have in their rooms. This will make it feel like a space that is theirs, and somewhere they can relax. This might mean having fairy lights over a bed canopy, or an industrial theme for shelving. It might not be the décor that you would choose, but remember that it is important for a child to put their own mark on their room.

Have a Sort Out

Something that children often love to help with is sorting through old toys and clothes. If you are creating a new look to a bedroom, you don’t want it to be filled with old clutter that made a bedroom messy before. Get rid of clothing that is no longer needed, and old toys that are not played with anymore. Getting the kids involved helps to teach them that they don’t need to keep unused items and that by giving them away, to charity, for example, allows another child to play with new toys. It also means that their treasured possessions get more room to be displayed!

Creating the perfect kid’s bedroom is a fun activity, and the finished result can make a huge difference in how a child enjoys their space. A quality bedroom is something that lasts and can be adapted as a child grows, so go through some bedroom ideas with your child and make a plan together on how you would like it to be. The finished result will be a room that you, and your child, will be proud of.




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