How to Include Your Children in Life’s Biggest Milestones


Your children are your life, but that doesn’t mean life doesn’t stop once they come into the picture. Birthdays still come, anniversary dates, weddings, and even new members of the family come along. Knowing how to include your children in these milestones can help them feel connected and loved as their lives change. The more you include them in big events that aren’t about them, the more they can learn to appreciate and support others in their lives. That’s why you should follow this guide on how to include your children on life’s biggest milestones:


The Birth of a New Baby
Welcoming a new baby is always a beautiful time, but to your children, it can seem like the end of the world. This is especially true if there have been a few years between your first born and your new baby. Children don’t like to feel replaced, and that is exactly what happens when a new baby is on the way. To help them overcome this understandable jealousy you need to include them

Have them help choose the baby name, let them help make the baby room, talk about how exciting it will be for them to be a big sister or big brother, and so on. It applies to all stages of your pregnancy, including your baby shower. Children might not understand that baby showers might be about the baby, but they are for the mother. Instead of excluding your child, include them. It could mean helping them plan your own baby shower if it makes them feel involved. You can download free printable baby shower invitations from that you can then print out and have your child fold and send to your friends. They can help decorate, and make the food, and so on. The more they feel like they are the one hosting
the baby shower for you, the better!


A Wedding
You might be marrying again, or you might be attending a friend’s wedding as a family. Either way, the more involved your child is with the wedding, the better behaved and
responsible they will be. Let your child be in charge of the gift-giving, or holding the train of your dress, and so on. They should feel like they are helping and that they are appreciated. They should also have fun, so remember to spend time with your son or daughter throughout the night. Play games, laugh and be merry.


General Tips
There are too many milestones to account for; anniversaries, graduations, new jobs, new houses, and so on. They all mark important points in our lives. By working with your children and having fun as much as you can, you can make every milestone an important one. You can also help them become selfless and considerate. Not every milestone will be something that they will personally celebrate, but learning to be genuinely happy for someone else is a key learning stage all children must go through. Ensure they have fun and feel important in their tasks and during the celebrations, and they’ll grow up to be great people.


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