How To Keep Your Children Entertained When Your Flight Is Delayed

Taking children through an airport and getting them through a long-haul flight is hard enough, let alone when you hear the disastrous news that the flight is delayed. In some cases, this can leave you waiting several hours in the airport before departing, acting as the perfect fuel for child tantrums. However, once you’ve got the stresses of passports and your ESTA card renewal out of the way, there are ways to prepare in advance should your flight become delayed. Here are our top tips.

Take Them To The Play Area

The majority of airports around Europe come equipped with an airport, meaning that you can keep your children entertained when waiting several hours for your flight. These are perfect for smaller children, and will allow them to occupy themselves during those long, strenuous hours. Sometimes these play areas are only small, however they’re more than enough entertainment for younger children who simply want something to do when waiting. In order to make the most out of this facility, ensure you book your flight at a kid-friendly terminal in advance, as you never know when your flight may be delayed.

Be Prepared With Travel Games

Travel games are an excellent source of entertainment for the entire holiday, from driving to the airport to the flight itself. Should your flight be delayed though, this is an excellent alternative if your terminal doesn’t have a play area, of equally if your child gets bored of the play area and would like a different source of entertainment. These games are usually very compact and can easily fit in hand luggage, and come in a range of different types from Connect Four to ‘Guess Who?’. Even toddlers who aren’t old enough to understand board games can have fun with a travel toy, so you can rest assured that your kids will be entertained during the long stretch of time.

Watch The Planes Take Off

This one is easy and completely free of charge, but is a fantastic way to keep your kids entertained if your flight is delayed. Usually, all airports will have expansive rooms with large glass windows, so you can sit down with your child and simply spot the planes as they begin to take off. Your little ones are guaranteed to be fascinated by modern-day transport, exciting them even more for your family holiday! You could even use your imagination and play a game concerning where you think the planes are going.

Stop Off At A Café

We know that restaurants and cafes in the airport aren’t cheap, however chances are that the length of your flight’s delay will bring you to lunch or dinner time anyway! As a result, quickly popping into one of the most affordable cafes in the airport will give you a chance to settle both yourself and your children while still passing time. Your children can’t make lots of noise when eating, so this is a great way to entertain your kids when they start to become fidgety and overly bored with waiting.

Waiting for a delayed flight is boring for both children and parents, so you’ll need to find a way to keep both parties satisfied! Luckily, there are many ways to soothe and keep your children happy while waiting, which will equally grant you the satisfaction and relaxation you need until you’re able to jet off on your much-anticipated holiday.


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