LEGO Pool Party at Coral Reef Bracknell's Waterworld!

LEGO Friends pool party

Coral Reef, Bracknell's Waterworld, 16th November

Reviewed by Claire and Amelia (age 7) Paye

for What To Do With The Kids

Lego Friends Pool Party

There was no chance that Amelia would turn down an invitation from Emma, Olivia, Mia, Andrea and Stephanie (the LEGO Friends, as I'm sure you know) to spend the evening with them at Coral Reef swimming pool, enjoying cupcakes, making LEGO Friends kits and listening to One Direction Adventure, a tribute band who, to Amelia's aging mother, sounded exactly like the original, particularly when underwater (me, not them). When asked what she enjoyed most, Amelia said'all of it'.

Coral Reef itself as a place for a private party for just 300 people, is ideal. There was much excitement from all, including the parents, at the underwater lighting, and the pitch black water slides. When adorned with free cupcakes and drinks and LEGO Friends kits to make - I expect they are still finding vital pieces at the bottom of the pool - it was a dream come true for all the girls, and the two boys, there. Amelia had a go at putting together a boat, not the Dolphin Cruiser, which has gone to the top of her Christmas wish list and is probably as close as she'll get to a luxury cruiser for many years, but a slightly smaller one. She proved much better at finding the relevant pieces than I was, largely because she has dedicated many hours of her short life to putting together various LEGO Friends houses, salons and horse trailers, not to mention LEGO Chima and LEGO City items.

As a parent I am, frankly, delighted by any toy that proves more interesting than a screen. Amelia loves the LEGO Friends range, without being a particularly girly girl. She loves the LEGO Friends magazine and can tell her Downtown Bakery apart from her City Park Café. For her younger brother, the fact that he can bash LEGO Speedorz into each other, or smash up LEGO cars and then put them together again, or, at least, get his sister to put them together again, is a winning feature. Personally, I'm happy with the gender differentiation and I have a vague sense that following the instructions to put the kits together, and working out which page you went wrong on because Mia now can't reach the steering wheel, can only be good for a child.

LEGO Dolphin Cruiser


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