Live Canon: Children’s Poetry Competition

For young people aged 5-18

100 Winning Poems to be published in our 2018 Children’s Anthology.

Prizes for winners and schools

Closing Date: January 21st 2018

Celebrated poetry-performing ensemble Live Canon is now accepting entries for its 2018 Children’s Poetry Competition:

livecanon are an ensemble performing poetry (from memory) at theatres, festivals and events throughout the UK... recording poetry for radio and CDs... creating poetry installations and digital projects... publishing poetry... and working with young people to create, explore and enjoy poems…

We invite young people, either individually or through their schools, to submit their own poems, on any topics, to our competition.

We’re looking for poems which really pop off the page, poems which you can whisper, shout, or sing!

Entries are judged in four categories by school year: years 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-13.

Poems can be entered by individuals, or by schools via our website

100 winning poems will be published in our 2018 children’s anthology and all selected entries will receive a complimentary copy.

The winner in each age category will receive a £50 book token.

There’s also a prize for the school who send the best set of entries.

Poetry has seen a renaissance in Britain for several years, with a range of dynamic styles and approaches arousing a fresh, widespread awareness of language and interest from page to stage to library to club to street to festival, and Live Canon is at the forefront of developing and maintaining this resurgence.


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