Londinium 2017

Londinium - Walks and Talks 

The City of London corporation is pleased to bring to light Londinium’s 2017 schedule of walks and talks. With guided tours around the city, academic talks with leading experts in both archaeology and history, and interactive family events, Londinium explores the lost world of Roman London.

Reimagining History - Interactive Tours

Join commander of the armies of mirth, Maximus Deceivius Mischievian on the interactive comedy tour, Bullsh!tium Londinium (5 - 13 September & 31 September - 1 October). Armed only with his wit, Bullsh!tium Londinium is an experience like no other, offering factually inaccurate walking tours, packed with genuine untruths. Three times voted one of Time Out London’s ‘Top 101 things to do in London’, Bullsh!tium Londinium is one of the best events taking place in the city of London.

Those with young children can join Liberiorum Londinium (21 October), a family friendly and interactive walk that introduces children to life as a Roman citizen. Discover the remains of the Roman fort and what life was like as a soldier, shop for foods that the Romans would have eaten, visit the entertainments at the Amphitheatre, and learn a little Latin along the way.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 12.58.07Events and Lectures

Join world renowned archaeologist Peter Marsden, a City of London archaeologist for more than 40 years and Max Hebditch, former Museum of London Director, for Trowels at Dawn: Protecting the Past in Post-war London (2 September). a panel discussion that will explore what it was like to excavate in the post-war period and reveal how iconic sites such as Billingsgate Roman House were discovered and preserved.

In October, Cambridge Professor and one of the world’s leading eminent classicists Mary Beard will give a fun and fascinating lecture at Gresham College on the individual aesthetics of the famous Roman Emperors: How to Spot a Roman Emperor: Identification, Hairstyles and Wishful Thinking (26 October). Mary is renowned for her ability to animate a subject, offering a contemporary view on an ancient subject.

Finally, Dr Roger Tomlin, a lecturer in late Roman history at Wolfson College, will be presenting Roman London’s First Voices (10 October), a reading of the 1st-century writing-tablets found during the Bloomberg London excavation at Walbrook. As the earliest example of writing ever to be discovered in Britain, Dr Tomlin will discuss the intricacies of deciphering them and understanding their content.

Exploring the City - History Tours

Re-discover the city beneath your feet on a series of tours that explore London’s Roman ruins.

Guildhall Art Gallery & London’s Roman Amphitheatre Introductory Tours (multiple dates until 21 October), explores London’s first entertainment venue, showcasing the origins of where Gladiators once fought. Led by City Guides, this free tour delves into the history and the excavation of the Amphitheatre.

Tucked away in the basement of a 1970’s office building is one of Roman London’s most fascinating remains. The Billingsgate Roman House & Baths Weekend Tours (28 July - 29 October) explore a late 2nd-century wealthy Roman’s home and private bathhouse providing a fascinating view into ancient domestic life.

The Roman London Walk (17 September & 15 October) and the Roman Fort Gate Tour (28, 29 July, 4, 19, 25 August, 8, 15 September, 13, 24 & 27 October) both take visitors to the remains of Londinium’s walls, where guides promise to uncover the remains of Londinium’s military might.

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The full programme of events, detailed information and tickets are available online at:




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