Londinium, is a three-month season of events hosted by the City of London Corporation

Londinium, is a three-month season of events hosted by the City of London Corporation, to reveal the hidden history of Roman London. The season closes in October with five spectacular events which explore the great settlement’s contemporary legacy, and bring its history to life for a 21st century audience.
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Please see details below and document attached for more information:
  • Liberiorum Londinium (21 October): - Over October half term, take part in a family friendly and interactive walk that introduces children to life as a Roman citizen. Discover what life was like for Roman citizen, including life as a soldier, what the Romans would have eaten and the entertainments of the illustrious Roman Amphitheatre.
  • Blood Rite (20 - 21 Oct): Produced by Boy Blue Entertainment, in collaboration with the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Blood Rite is an explosive fusion of dance, music and digital animation. The performance was choreographed after workshopping with experts in gladiatorial combat and utilises the latest in in motion tracking technology.
  • Dark Earth ( 22 - 29 Oct): Similar to a secret gig Dark Earth is a secretive sound-based performance produced by wiretapper, where participants sign up and receive an email on the morning of the performance telling them when and where to meet.  Participants download the wiretapper app, plug in their headphones and are transported from the modern-day bustling streets of London to Londinium, an ancient Roman civilisation teetering on the edge of its downfall.
  • Hallucinatio (19, 20, 23 & 24 October): Set in Leadenhall, Hallucinatio is an interactive five minute virtual reality experience that transforms the market into a 3D digital landscape of Roman London. Participants don VR headsets and watch as the world around them distorts and transforms into the virtually resurrected Basilica that once stood on this very site. 
  • Lost City of London (3 - 29 October): An outdoor exhibition showcasing rarely-seen excavation photographs which tell the amazing story of the care and preservation of the Temple of Mithras (AD240). First discovered in 1954 during excavations of a World War II bomb site, the Mithraeum is one of the UK’s most significant archaeological sites.

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