Mediterranean with the Kids: Some Tips and Tricks


The Mediterranean is filled with fantastic holiday destinations for the family. You may not want to go to places like Ibiza when you’re traveling with children, but other destinations like Malta and Sicily are famous for being family-friendly and very exciting.

Of course, traveling with children is not without its challenges. If you are planning a trip to the Mediterranean and you want to bring the entire family with you, here are some of the tips and tricks to keep in mind.


Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Protecting the children’s skin is important. The Mediterranean is blessed with good weather almost all year round, but it can get very hot during the day. Applying sunscreen is a must, especially if you spend a lot of time outside during the day.

Children’s skin is more sensitive to UV rays, so you want a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Thankfully, there are sunscreens designed specifically for kids. They usually come in a cute packaging, smell really fresh, and are kind to their skin.

A trip to the Mediterranean is also the perfect time to teach the kids how to apply sunscreen properly. You still need to help them out but letting them use sunscreen themselves will get them excited and allow them to feel more involved with the trip.


Forget the Stroller

Most roads on Mediterranean islands aren’t suitable for strollers. They are steep and bumpy. If you are traveling with a toddler, using a stroller to keep your baby comfortable is certainly not the way to go.

Some strollers are designed to handle bumpy roads, but the steepness of some paths will still be an issue. You are better off using a baby harness to carry your toddler on your chest. It is not the most convenient – or most comfortable – way to go, but it is much safer than using a stroller.

What’s actually worth bringing with you is a car seat, especially if you are planning to rent a car while on the island of your choice. There are hotels and villas that provide car seats as part of their amenities, but make sure you check before leaving for the Mediterranean without your car seat. 


Work on Your Itinerary

It is tempting to explore everything on a trip to the Mediterranean. The island of Sicily, for instance, has more than 250 beaches that you can enjoy. Hopping from one restaurant to another is just as fun, particularly since the Mediterranean cuisines are delicious. If you prefer to hang around the pool all day, consider staying in villas with private pools in Sicily as you can keep a close eye on the kids and wont have to worry about them disrupting other guests.

When you’re traveling with children, having a packed schedule is not something you want. Kids need their naps and their breaks and taking them on long rides to the beach will only make them uncomfortable and cranky.

Book a villa through a reputable site and you will be able to enjoy the best of the Mediterranean even when you’re staying in. Villas usually come with private pools – some even have their own beach – and all the amenities you need to relax. The kids will love the occasional break from exploring tourist attractions and visiting beautiful places too.


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