Mr Mulligan has been spotted in Milton Keynes …. With a giant Caterpillar!

The adventure continues as the latest indoor venue opening is announced.  

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 07.00.49
Theatre District, Milton Keynes – Spring 2018

Grab your snorkel and hold on to your swimming attire as Mr Mulligan prepares to dive into the heart of Milton Keynes with his latest expedition.


The newly refurbished 12th Street (Old Theatre District) will be the destination of a new underwater kingdom, Lost World Golf, which will comprise of two twelve-hole adventure golf courses, to test the skillset of adventurers young and old.


Those searching for the Lost World can refuel in the bar and restaurant area in preparation to join Mr Mulligan on a life changing experience through the enchanted forest and underwater kingdom. Enjoy mouth-watering grub, get fizzy on some wild cocktails or sip on alcoholic slushees whilst trying to dodge the giant creatures from the unknown.


Speaking to one of Mr Mulligan’s Captains last week, he said, “We’re so pleased to be bringing an extra special concept to the centre of Milton Keynes. It will be the third Lost World Golf in the Portfolio, however this wild number is going to have a few speciality tricks up its jungle sleeves”.


The venue, which is due to open in the spring will also be hosting children’s parties, corporate events and student nights. More details on the launch of Mr Mulligan’s Lost World Golf will be announced soon on their website:


To get a glimpse of what will be on offer, CLICK HERE.


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