NEW BOOK - 50 Wacky Things Humans do

A fun way for parents and teacher to engage children about our human bodies.

This book combines fun facts with wacky illustrations for an entertaining and educational reference guide. This could be the perfect Christmas time stocking filler! Perfect for children age 7 - 11.

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Bring the family together and get to know all the weird and wonderful things the human body can accomplish. Some are gross, some are funny, and some are just downright unbelievable. These peculiar and fascinating fun facts about the human body are sure to surprise, delight, and make science fun! Mind-boggling and ridiculously interesting, this book will make you the source on the wacky. Who knew our bodies were capable of so much? Fascinate your friends with your unique knowledge, and get ahead of the class in science. PLUS– It’s not just for kids! 50 Wacky Things Humans Do will be adored by fact lovers of all ages!

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Did you know that a sneeze moves at about 100 mph?

Did you know that the human body glows? Especially in the middle of the afternoon?


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