REVIEW - New and exclusive 'Tubby Snowball' Teletubbies DVD - a festive six-episode DVD with fun festive songs and snowball fun.

Last week What To Do With The Kids was askedto review the latest Teletubby DVD.....Find out how Kate and her two fun loving boys rated the new DVD.


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My 4 and 2 year old boys loved watching this DVD! As soon as we received it they wanted to watch it straight away. I told them what the DVD was called and my 2 year old ran off to the playroom to get his teletubbies toys and bought them back to watch the DVD with him. 

They sat themselves in the chair right next to the tele and requested I sat with them to watch it. They joined in with the song as it started and then watched eagerly to see which teletubby would be chosen. 

They love the videos with the children in and always relate it to their own experiences. This particular one was about snow and my 4 year old talked about what we built from snow last year. He watched as the children built a caterpillar out of snow and said "mummy we must do this when we next get snow!" 

I find the programme very engaging, even my 4 year old really enjoyed it. The boys loved it and will definitely watch it again. 


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