Saving the environment with Guardians of The Galaxy


Groot's Environmental Guide 

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is out now in cinemas and our favourite Guardian is definitely Groot. Over 6ft tall, a tree-like humanoid, Groot is limited to three words, ‘I AM GROOT’ who helps protect his fellow Guardians from harm. 

With this in mind we thought we would help him share how you can help to save your environment, something that Groot knows a lot about. 


Here are some of our top 10 tips: 


1. Use both sides of paper 

2. Recycle any paper rubbish 

3. Don’t use unnecessary toilet paper 











4. Try turning unwanted cardboard boxes into creative toys 










5. Re-use old envelopes and try making your own birthday cards 

6. Re-use old wrapping paper or creatively make your own 

7. Use scrap paper whenever you can 

8. Only print when you need to 

9. Try not to actively harm trees and their branches 

10. You can try planting your own tree pots and grow your very own Groot 


You can see Groot on the big screen now as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is in cinemas.


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