The Complete Holiday Packing Guide: Stay Sane with These Top 7 Tips


Going on holiday with the kids is both a great experience and a total nightmare. From your kids getting sick to normal travel stresses like missing a connecting bus or train to your destination – everything can become quite hectic when you are abroad. However, you can minimise this stress by simply preparing. Rather than leaving packing everyone’s things to the last minute you could start months in advance. This way you can sort through everything that you need and then create an easy checklist to tick off when the time comes.

Never underestimate how much easier travel can be when you know you have everything that you need, especially in regards to clothes. Far too often we stress out about forgetting our passport that we don’t realise until we get there that we forgot to pack a swimming costume. Leave all that stress behind by following these top 7 packing 

1. Determine the Weather and Climate

Look up weather averages for your destination. Remember, however, that average doesn’t mean a guarantee. Weather can have freak fluctuations, from snow storms in April to summer days in February. Bring contingency clothes, like a sweater and jeans, and even a raincoat just in case.

2. Calculate How Many Days You Will Be

Work out how many days you need to pack for (include the day you fly out and fly in as well) so that you don’t under or over pack.

3. Narrow Your Options Down By Fabric Type

If you are going in the summer, opt for breathable fabrics that will absorb sweat like cotton or linen. This will help you personally stay dry and cool. Or if you are going to a cold place, thermal layers and materials like cashmere or wool should be used.

4. Choose Clothes By Outfits

To bring the smallest number of things look at packing clothes that work together. This way you can bring a lot of outfits in a small package. One shirt that looks great with multiple bottoms will be more useful than that one blouse that only matches that one skirt.

5. Create a Checklist

Once you have worked out what you need to bring, create a checklist so that you can easily put everything you need without worry of it the night before. This checklist should include toiletries, medications, and so on.

6. Ensure Your Precious Belongs Can Stay Safe

Choose a bag that is strong, has plenty of zippers, and can carry everything you need when you are on the go throughout the day safely. The last thing you want is for your brand new, beautiful designer glasses to get lost, stolen, or damaged in your bag. Instead, ensure that there is a pocket that is secure that can contain their case. You can easily keep an eye on your glasses when they are on your face, yes, but what about once the sun sets? Always have a safe location on your day bag for your precious belongings.

7. Bring A Few Extras

Bring extras to keep you and the kids entertained. A tablet that has Netflix shows downloaded can be a lifesaver on a flight without onboard entertainment, for example. Make sure your kids have plenty of things to keep them entertained, but not so many that they ignore the destination.

Packing for a family can be difficult, but by giving yourself enough time in advance, everyone can look great and be able to bring everything they need to stay happy and healthy when abroad.


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