The Ultimate Guide to Butterflies & How to Prevent Their Decline


We found The Ultimate Guide to Butterflies & How to Prevent Their Decline on a fab gardening blog,  I wanted to share just a little of the fab information I read.

After building a wonderful butterfly garden with his son last summer, Clive recently blogged a massive 3000 word guide on how we can stop their numbers declining.

Hopefully it generates a bit of awareness, and teaches people how to help if they fly into your garden!

Butterflies and moths have been around for millions of years. They used to be a common sight in gardens, but numbers have declined since the 1940s along with our other native wildlife species such as bees and hedgehogs.

It will come as no surprise to hear this loss is due to destruction of natural habitats such as wildflower meadows, peatbogs and ancient woodlands in favour of intensive farming practices, roads and housing developments that have stripped away the majority of their nesting and foods sites.

Climate change is partly responsible for butterfly decline too, producing wetter weather that alters the distribution of certain species.

The relentless march forward of ‘progress’ damages our 56 species of butterfly and 2,500 species of moths who are sensitive to change – but your garden can help them find food and shelter.

Last summer we enjoyed a fantastic day out at Tropical Butterfly House near Sheffield and we highly recommended it, children love learning all about animals and they seem to really love butterflies! So why not search for an attraction near you and plan a visit?

To find out more about the life cycles and habitats of these amazing animals take a further look at this fab blog on DIY Gardening, by Clive. And......If you visit a fantastic attraction and spot any lovely butterflies then #WTDWTK and share your day out with us! 


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