Things to do in the 5 most family friendly cities in the UK


What makes an area a great place for your family to live in? Whilst everyone will have their own personal preferences of what makes an ideal area, there are some nationally accepted positives which most parents can agree make an area more desirable.

These can be things such as local school rankings, access to green space and house prices. It’s a no-brainer that if an area has great schools, plenty of green space and low house prices it's obviously going to be more desirable than a place which has the opposite.

New data from MoneySuperMarket’s “Family Living Index” has gathered new data on these factors, plus data looking at burglary rates, job opportunities and average salary, and ranked the UK’s biggest 35 cities in terms of how family friendly these cities are.

That’s all well and good, but what about entertainment and things to do in these cities? We’ve taken the top 5 cities from this index and listed the top two child friendly entertainment areas that you could spend time with your family.


The top five family friendly cities are…

1. Bath

Bath jumped four places to grab the top spot, seeing improvement across almost all categories. It also boasts the following attractions…

Roman Baths

If your child is going through a Roman phase (usually brought on through learning about gladiators in history) this is the perfect spot to take them. The baths have an accompanying museum and get around a million visitors to the site every year!

Expect a lot of gladiatorial role playing from the kids if you visit!


If Romans aren’t old enough for you, take a trip back to 2500 BC and visit one of the world’s oldest relics. Stonehenge is a short drive from Bath and his open seven days a week, there are also tour providers in the city which operate bus trips to and from the site which includes a detailed tour around the site.


2. Newcastle Upon Tyne

Dropped into second place despite posting strong results across almost all categories including an increase in disposable income, so perfect for family’s looking to get some quality time in with their families!

Speaking of family time, here are a couple places they could go!

Climb Newcastle

Feeling adventurous and fancy a challenge? Newcastle and the surrounding area have an abundance of rock climbing facilities where you and your family can get some exercise in one of the most entertaining ways possible.

Climb Newcastle has two spots with great facilities which accommodate for both the experienced and novice climber.

The Life Centre

In the mood for some science? Newcastle is host to the Life centre, a museum which plays host to a range of exhibitions, displays and interactive elements which are sure to get your brain in gear!

For those looking for a little bit more excitement during their visit, the life centre also plays host to 4D motion ride which throws the user into an otherworldly scenario, complete with interactive elements which really make you feel that you’re involved!


3. Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton comes in third, scoring highly on jobs and affordable housing. Here’s what you can get up to with the kids around the city…

Royal Air Force Museum

The Air Force museum in Cosford is the place to go if you want a taste of some aeronautical goodness. With exhibits filled with antique warplanes and displays which talk you through why the Royal Air Force still rules the skies to this day.

Essential viewing for anyone interested in becoming a pilot!

Cadbury World

Do we really have to say anymore? Cadburys World, is the perfect day out for those with a sweet tooth. Explore the factory and surrounding museum of the famous chocolatier brand and find out how they make their bars so delicious. Hey you never know…you might just get a few freebies along the way!


4. Manchester

Schools and income improvements, alongside a significant reduction in burglary rates, saw Manchester jump 12 places into the top five.

National Football Museum

Home to two of England’s biggest footballing sides, Manchester is also home to the national football museum, it’s a must visit for those who believe they are parents to the next Wayne Rooney.

It’s free entry and is host to a wide range of exhibits which will have even casual football fans in the mood for a game afterwards!

Vertical Chill Ice Wall

We’ve talked about rock climbing in Newcastle, why not take things one step further and add ice to the equation!

This is the closest thing you’re going to get to scaling the face of a frozen mountain, and is a perfect trip for those who after an adrenaline rush of a different kind. You never know, it might just spark something and lead to even wilder adventures down the line!


5. Swansea

Swansea is the best performing non- English city in the table and managed to win out over close rivals Cardiff in the table. Here’s what you can get up to with your family on your next trip to Swansea.

Langland Bay Beach

We’ve had a lot of excitement over the past few ideas, but what happens on those days where you fancy doing something a little more relaxing? Head to the beach! And there’s not many better beaches in the UK than the Langland Bay beach.

Holding both Blue Flag and Seaside awards for quality, the beach offers a great range of facilities, and the adventurous type can also enjoy a coastal clifftop walk around to Caswell Bay.


Plantasia is a tropical paradise situated in the heart of Swansea. Featuring a wide array of weird and wonderful plants and animals, Plantasia is the place to go to experience nature at its most spectacular.

Plantasia also features information on how important it is to protect the worlds rainforests, providing your family with not just entertainment, but some education as well!


To find the full list of rankings for the 35 UK cities included in the index, click here -





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