Tour the Highlands this summer with the Kids

If you are looking for a unique and one of kind experience this summer, then why not think about having a staycation and head up to the beautiful and breath-taking Highlands for a week or two and take in the sights.

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Visit Scotland

Heading into the North is a truly unique experience and one that the kids will never forget. The Highlands are steeped in History and the scenery is unparalleled with some of the most distinctive landscapes in the world. This is the perfect place to head to really enjoy the great outdoors with some of the cleanest air on the planet and numerous hills that even the children can tackle.

Not called the ‘Gateway to the Highlands’ for nothing, upon landing at Inverness Airport you will be greeted by immediate views of the Moray Firth and stunning green hills. From here you can rent a car and make the 50-minute journey down towards Loch Ness passing through Dochgarroch and Drumnadrochit to one of a number of the highlands charming rentals such as Drovers Lodge.

Spend some time exploring the shore of the Loch and maybe catch a glimpse of the infamous Nessie that stalks the waters. A must-see on your Inverness venture is a trip to Urquhart Castle. Now in the hands of the National Trust, this 14th Century stronghold was reclaimed by Robert the Bruce and following its seizure by Edward the First invasion of the country.

This ancient settlement is the perfect place to learn all about a fascinating piece of history and with plenty of ruins to explore this is sure to keep the kids occupied for hours.

Dizzying Heights

Just a ninety-minute drive from Urquhart Castle is the World Famous Ben Nevis, the highest peak in the British Isles. Known by locals simply as ‘The Ben’ this magnificent peak, the summit is an incredible 1,344.527m above sea level and while it is not advisable to scale with young children there are plenty of smaller peaks and hills in the area that are much more manageable. Why not pack a picnic and sit out in the sunshine (or perhaps rain – remember this is Scotland!) and enjoy the scenery. You might even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife including pine martens, deer and even eagles.

After taking some souvenir pictures, jump back in the car and make your way west to the port of Mallaig, the terminus of the West Highland Railway. This quaint coastal town is the perfect place to spend an evening paddling in the cool clear waters of the Loch and has stunning views of the Isle of Eigg, the next stop in the journey.

Mallaig has a number of Bed and Breakfasts and pubs such as ‘The Corner Stone’ that will treat you to some traditional Scottish fayre and is the perfect place to catch up with the local and get some inside knowledge about the best spots to visit along the coast.

Sail Away

Move into the Inner Hebrides by catching a ferry straight from Mallaig to the Isle of Eigg and after a journey of around two hours (weather dependent) where you can spend time in this secluded paradise just 10 miles of the West Coast of Scotland.

This island is truly unforgettable with informative wildlife tours sure to keep the kids engaged and a vibrant local community that is always keen to talk about the history of the island.

There is accommodation that you can rent here if you want to extend your stay in this wonderful Hebridean Isle before moving out to the other islands and all of them are incredibly reasonably priced.

Fun and Educational

Scotland is the perfect place for the whole family to visit and it really has something for everyone. Young children can enjoy the numerous wildlife sanctuaries along the way while older children might prefer to explore the forgotten ruins and hidden coves at the beach. Adults can relax and unwind at the Harbour pubs and get to know some of the local folklore but what is certain is that everyone will fall in love with the historic beauty and panoramic views of the Highlands and want to come back year after year.

So why not skip the usual holidays to the Costa del Sol and experience something special this summer.    


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