What Makes a Camping Holiday in Alsace Unique?

Camping adventures are always a hit for a fun summer holiday with the family. Whether you decide to stay in the UK or venture further afield, taking a break from your family home and experiencing a new environment is sure to bring a great amount of excitement. A family camping holiday in Alsace is particularly special thanks to the uniqueness of the region; here are our favourite parts of camping holidays in Alsace.

The Culture

Alsace is a region situated in Eastern France and reaching the border with Germany. Over the course of history Alsace has repeatedly been a cause of dispute between the two countries, and has passed from one to the other multiple times. Whilst Alsace now lies in France, the area’s history has led to a inimitable hybrid-culture characterised by both French and German elements, as well as a handful of completely unique aspects. Inhabitants mainly speak French with a remarkably Germanic dialect, and this hybridity can also be seen in the cultural customs of the Alsatians.

The Scenery

To put it simply, Alsace is incredibly picturesque. From the timber architecture and flower boxed-balconies of Strasbourg to the Rhine river and the Vosges mountains, we guarantee that the whole family will be awestruck by the beauty of this part of the world. If you’re looking to visit unique new sights and encounter new experiences, Alsace is a fantastic choice for a family camping holiday in France.

The Food

The number one ingredient for most dishes in Alsace is pork, which is served in a variety of forms, including many different types of sausages! The Alsatians also like to serve their take on Germany’s sauerkraut, referred to in Alsace as choucroute. One failproof crowdpleaser is the flammekueche, or tarte flambée, which is a thin layer of bread dough spread with fromage blanc or crème fraiche and then topped with onions and lardons and traditionally cooked in a wood-fired oven. We highly recommend finding a cosy restaurant to try one of these before you head back to your campsite for the evening.

If you need any more convincing that Alsace is a great location for your next camping holiday in France, what to do with the kids have partnered with Canvas Holidays and Suncamp Holidays to offer you discounted prices for family camping holidays in Alsace!


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