Why We Love Family Camping Holidays in Brittany


Family holidays are a wonderful idea and sometimes a little more complicated in reality; deciding on a location and ways to spend your time which keep everyone happy can be a difficult task, and it’s probably fair to say that busy parents often find themselves more tired at the end of a week or two with the kids than they did before they left. To avoid this, finding somewhere which caters to everyone’s interests can be a life-saver. A good tactic could be to look for places where the children will be able to entertain one another and/or make friends or attend kids’ clubs, but where there are also activities you’ll all enjoy doing together and can provide a great opportunity for quality family time. Following these criteria, we think family camping holidays in France are a winner. In this article, we look particularly at camping holidays in Brittany and why it may just be the perfect location for your summer family holiday.


Proximity to the UK

The fact that the French region of Brittany is just a short hop across the channel makes travelling with children as close to simple as it comes. Ferries across the channel can take as little as 4.5 hours, and with space to move around, places to eat and shops to browse, it’s much easier to keep children entertained on a ferry than it is on a flight. Travelling this way also means it’s straight forward to take the car, so you can take everything you need without being restricted by luggage allowance, and you have complete freedom to explore the region once you arrive at your destination.


Beautiful Scenery

Brittany is renowned for it’s picturesque scenery, making it one of the top choices for a family camping holiday in France. From white sandy beaches, through rocky coves, postcard-worthy ports and pretty villages, the region offers the opportunity to enjoy every type of landscape. So whether you can agree on how you want to spend your family holiday or have a range of different preferences, Brittany has it all as far as the outdoors are concerned.


Plenty to Do

Whether you’re looking for lazy days or a bustle of activity, you’ll find something to suit of your family camping holiday in Brittany. The region’s beautiful beaches offer endless days’ worth of fun, swimming and exploring, or you can head further out into the water by taking a boat trip from one of the ports. If you have sporty members of the family, you won’t be short of opportunities to enjoy a few rounds of golf or discover a scenic cycling route. For those who enjoy wandering around new towns and soaking up local culture, you’ll be able to marvel at the stunning Breton architecture.

Whatever you’re looking for in a holiday, Brittany almost definitely meets your requirements. What to do with the Kids has developed several partnerships to offer discounted camping holidays in France, so now you can enjoy a dreamy holiday at a reduced cost!



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