Why You Should Visit Go Ape! Before the Summer is Over

The summer isn't over yet! Don’t fret, there is still time to spend time with the kids and go on an adventure. If you haven’t completely tired them out (which is highly unlikely) then pack some spare clothes and take them out to Go Ape! Go Ape is an outdoor adventure company that offer fun days out for anyone to climb and cascade amongst tree, walk across dizzyingly high bridges and zip along the parks themselves. And if that hasn’t already convinced you, then here’s a quick five reasons why you should visit before the summer is up! (With a special treat at the end!)


It’s fun for the entire family

Go Ape is the perfect place to spend time bonding with your family. It requires a strong team to scale the heights of the treetops and navigate the slippery wobbly tracks of a rope bridge. You’ll find yourself frowning from concentration while simultaneously laughing from silliness!


Gets the kids outdoors

It’s often that in the world of gaming and technology, the whole family end up scrolling, playing, and tapping their tech devices more than engaging with each other. Go Ape provides the kids with the great outdoors in its absolute prime! The trees, the mud, the silliness will more than excite the kids in an alternative way to games and tech.


Can be given as a gift

There’s nothing quite like a gift; especially having a birthday while there’s no school or work! So utilise the time you’ve got with spending a birthday at Go Ape! There are no postage frees and come in a gift wrap (no need to wrapping) and precede that of perfume or a toy! Give someone the gift of adventure!


One of the only outdoor adventure places in most locations in the UK

Go Ape is one of the only adventure companies that have locations across the entire UK. A lot of outdoor adventure areas are situated in a remote locations that require long drives there and back; and can be pretty tiring after a day of adventuring! With 33 Go Ape locations, adventure can be right around the corner! (even with four locations in London, you don’t have to trek to the wilderness!)


We can give you a voucher for Go Ape

As a sneaky treat to those still unsure, we’re giving you a Go Ape voucher/ Go Ape Discount Code.  So start adventuring!



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