Woburn Safari Park launch competition to name new-born baby Squirrel monkey.

Four adorable baby Squirrel monkeys have been born at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire and animal lovers across the country are invited to enter a competition to give one of them a very special name. 

Until Friday 28th October, the Park is accepting name suggestions for a new as yet unsexed Squirrel monkey baby at www.woburnsafari.co.uk/monkeynaming.  The Animal Encounters team of keepers will then choose the winning unisex name from those suggested, to be announced on 31st October.  

The healthy new youngsters will spend the coming weeks feeding from and clinging onto their mothers (Tye, Ringo, Bamboo and Dougal) in a spacious walk-through reserve called ‘Monkey Business’ in the Foot Safari, where they are on view to the public.



Louise Moody, Keeper at Woburn Safari Park said:

“We are delighted with the healthy new Squirrel monkey babies and what is remarkable is that their mums are very relaxed around people and can often be seen caring for them and showing them off to the visitors. Here at Woburn Safari Park we allow the animals the freedom to choose where they want to give birth so that the process can happen as naturally as possible. The mums have been busy caring for their offspring and taking them on rides through the trees on their backs. We expect the new youngsters to become increasingly independent over the coming months.”



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