Curious About Oakham and Uppingham


Have fun discovering Oakham and Uppingham with two self-guided, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Buy a booklet or instantly download one from then explore in your own time.

Buy or instantly download our booklet containing two walks from then explore in your own time.

A Curious About walk is a fun and social activity for all the family and friends. Different people can take on different roles - follow the map, identify picture clues, read directions, etc - it's ideal for children from the age of 6, and if you can walk/wheelchair it, you're young enough!

Oakham and Uppingham are charming market towns in Rutland, England's smallest county at 151 square miles. Rutland is the only county not to have a McDonald's (or Burger King or KFC!), and not to have any static speed cameras, but it does contain the UK's largest man-made lake. Its residents are known as Raddlemen. Oakham hosts the World Leg Wrestling Championships each year, and Stephen Fry attended Uppingham School, until he was expelled at the age of 15!

Buy or download a booklet then take our fabulous walks of discovery, and have fun finding answers to clues which tell you more, whilst reading our stories about the most interesting places.

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