David Baddiel: Birthday Boy


David Baddiel: Birthday Boy

Saturday 11 November – 11am

Orange Tree Theatre

£6 per ticket

Join David Baddiel, comedian, TV presenter, and now popular children’s author, as he introduces Birthday Boy: a charming tale for every child who has wondered ‘Why can’t it be my birthday every day?’

Sam Green was really, really, really looking forward to his eleventh birthday. I mean: really. He couldn’t wait. In the days leading up to it, he simply wouldn’t talk about anything else.

At first, it’s quite exciting when Sam’s birthday appears again the next morning and again, and again and again… But it’s not long before disaster strikes, threatening something Sam loves even more than birthdays. In order to protect what he loves most, Sam must overcome selfishness, greed and extreme weight gain and embark on a daring and adventurous mission with his sister Ruby.

David Baddiel is the author of 4 successful children’s books, with his 2016 World Book Day title, The Boy Who Could Do What He Liked, selling over half a million copies. 

A family event for readers aged 9 and over, with younger children welcome.


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