Dinosaur Museum


The only museum on mainland Britain dedicated to dinosaurs; the original Dinosaur Museum is a treat, especially for children. The museum combines life-sized reconstructions of dinosaurs with fossils and skeletons to create a hands-on and interactive experience. AV displays tell the story of the dinosaurs and their prehistoric world millions of years ago. The life-size dinosaur reconstructions, which include Tyrannosaurus rex, Deinonychus and Triceratops, are among the most popular displays. They beg to be touched by little hands - and that's encouraged.

The Dinosaur Museum is situated in the centre of Dorchester, just 7 miles from Dorset’s world famous Jurassic Coast. The museum was heralded as one of Britain’s Top Ten Family Museums in 2007. The hands on displays make discovering about dinosaurs is fun. They include the ‘feely box’ where you can decide what a dinosaur might have felt like, the ‘feel a fossil’ where you can touch millions of years old fossils; and ‘dinosaurs and you’ where you compare yourself to a dinosaur using a compuetr program. The 'Dinosaur Discovery' Gallery upstairs is filled with even more interactive displays.

The museum is ideal for families and children and there is a special discounted Family Ticket. Through all school holidays the Dinosaur Museum runs special Dinosaur Hunt Trails around the museum.


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