Florence Nightingale Museum


Florence Nightingale was born into a rich family, but instead of wanting to spend her days painting and sewing she decided to become a nurse.  She helped thousands of soldiers and ordinary people all around the world with her campaigning work, so she was famous in her own lifetime and is still a female icon today.

Come along to the museum to see her pet owl and her writing desk (which she used a lot!) as well as the actual light she carried which gave her the nickname The Lady with the Lamp.

You can also see the medicine chest she used during her work in the Crimean War and discover how she improved the terrible conditions for soldiers in the hospital there.

Florence was so successful that she inspired many ladies to become nurses and is still so popular that even today she has a battle ship and an asteroid named after her!

Florence is part of KS 1 of the National Curriculum, so bring your 5-6 year olds to the museum to bring their learning to life.


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