Craft a card for Florence Nightingale at Florence Nightingale Museum

6th - 10th April 2020


This year is Florence Nightingale’s bicentenary so come and join us as we prepare for her 200th birthday!  You can make her a Victorian-style birthday card, then pop it into our post box and we’ll make sure she gets it on her Big Day in May.  When you post her card in our special letter box we’ll give you a small chocolate Easter treat.  We’ll provide everything you need to make the card.

But don’t tell Florence as we’re planning a surprise party for her!  She’ll be here at 11am and 12.30pm to tell you the story of her life, including how she become a nurse against her parents’ wishes.

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Florence performance daily at: 11:00am and 12:30pm (30-40min in duration)
Florence B


Adult £9.00; child £5.00. Event is included in admission entry price.


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